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South African Universities

School learners will be provided with vital and up to date information about qualifications offered at Universities in South Africa so that the learners can make informed decisions on career choices early in their development stages.

Work Integrated Learning Portal

Several qualifications offered at Universities include a period of learning that takes place with an employer or within communities. The Work Integrated Learning Portal provides students, employers and the universities to engage with each other via the online work integrated learning management system. The WIL Management System manages the student recruitment process, the WIL assessment process, the employer accreditation process, the onsite visitation and monitoring process, and the executive reporting process.

Survival tips

The University Portal shall provide useful links, soft skills and tips to university and college students on how to succeed at Universities and beyond.  This link will provide students with essential tips on how to study, how to prepare for a job interview, body languages, links to computer literacy tutorials, YouTube videos, and more.


The University Portal will provide links to bursaries offered to University and Colleges students and well as school leavers. Bursary provides will be allowed free access to post bursaries on the University Portal.

Discussion Forum

The Discussion Forum is intended to provide a forum for open dialogue amongst various stakeholders of the University Community. The University Portal Administrator shall be responsible for creating the all the Forums. Topics within each forum can be created by any user who wants to start a discussion. The Portal Administrator will create a forum for each University in South Africa. Thereafter users can create any topic that they want to talk about such as Student matters, SRC Matters, Research, Curriculum Development, etc.

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